Embedded Knowledge

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Minds in Machines

The market for Embedded Knowledge devices will be created by licencing Modelled Intelligence technology to manufacturers. Knowledge Enabled Products are those that are enhanced by Modelling Intelligence technology in their control and monitoring but which do not require conversational interfaces with people. The world model in these cases is the world within which the device operates which is often only a small portion of the common sense world within which humans exist. The MI technology may be embedded within these devices if they are sufficiently complex to host the software or in the case of always connected devices they may be managed remotely.

Today we talk about smart phones, smart speakers, smart devices of every kind but in fact they aren’t really very smart. The term “smart” just means they have software.  That is about to change, by embedding a degree of knowledge and intelligence about the devices, into the device, the term becomes a literal really. Control, operation and maintenance of machines ranging from household appliances to jet engines will be revolutionized with an unprecedented level of automation.

For complex machines like spacecraft or systems such as networks, the world model will include not only knowledge to enable the devices to better perform their mission but also deep knowledge of their own mechanisms. These machines are already heavily instrumented with sensors and are controlled with complex command sets.  Giving them the ability to use knowledge to reason about and analyze their own data will provide an unprecedented level of operational robustness.