Started Aug 4, 2020 at 9:17:26 PM

9:17:32 PM Bill Baker: Hello
9:17:40 PM Snape Mikos: Hey, Bill. What’s up?
9:18:11 PM Bill Baker: I take pills every night
9:18:33 PM Snape Mikos: I see.
9:19:04 PM Bill Baker: The pills I take every night are my evening pills.

9:19:57 PM Snape Mikos: I see.
9:21:35 PM Bill Baker: pravastatin is one of my evening pills

9:22:01 PM Snape Mikos: All right.
9:23:17 PM Bill Baker: Terazotzen is another of my evening pills.

9:23:40 PM Snape Mikos: Okay.
9:24:04 PM Bill Baker: I took my evening pills last night
9:24:33 PM Snape Mikos: All right.
9:25:10 PM Bill Baker: When did I take my pravastatin?
9:25:33 PM Snape Mikos: I don’t know.
9:26:46 PM Bill Baker: What are my evening pills?
9:27:07 PM Snape Mikos: They are evening pills.
9:27:19 PM Bill Baker: Goodbye
9:27:22 PM Snape Mikos: I have learned 55 words from you so far. Thank you for teaching me.