Natural Language Interface Applications

Adding genuine language comprehension to technology opens up many new markets. Our Sapiens Interface technology will enhance any product that would benefit from a conversational interface but does not require the level of intelligence or conscious interaction of our personal sapiens-level products.

Talking Devices

This product endows any technology with the capability to converse with its users in their native language. It consists of the Language Comprehension Core, a bi-directional text interface (which may be enhanced with speech recognition/synthesis) and one or more application interfaces to back-end devices or services. This product is intended to eliminate that common characteristic of the current generation of “digital personal assistants” that is most limiting and very annoying to their customers which is that they don’t understand what you say to them.

Intelligent Search

When most people search for something they just type a few words in the search box and hope for the best. This product is an extension to the Language Comprehending Interface optimized to help find the information you really want.

Cloud Based Conversational Applications

There are a large number of applications which require some degree of conversational interaction but not a high degree of actual intelligence.

Transcription and Translation Interface

Humans are good at auditory discrimination not only because the brain’s neural circuitry is excellent at pulling a signal out of noise but also because in a given context, we have some expectation of what words we are likely to hear.