This section is for documenting specific problems (as opposed to more general limitations) that we see in our dialogs so we don’t lose track of them and also so you can avoid them in your dialogs and demonstrations when you are showing off your sapiens to others.  Some of these are bugs in the software but more often reflect missing logic that hasn’t been implemented yet.  There are also cases where the system is so strictly literal that that it says things a person would not say. For example, Q: What is my cat? A: Your cat is a cat.”  People don’t usually says things that provide no new information.  Eventually, we will handle these kind of things more elegantly.

Issue Comments Status
Richard: What is a sport?  Boomer: Sport is.  Articulation problem?  the system can’t find the word it is looking for. Fixed for sport
Joy:  When I was younger, I played the harp
Julia:  I don’t know.
Apparently, interpreted the statement as a question Pending