Personal Sapiens Eldercare Use Case

“Wake up Fred, it’s time to get up.  We need to get you ready for your doctor’s appointment this morning”.   The voice of Ethel, Fred’s sapiens, comes from a speaker in his bedroom.
Fred is elderly and blind.  He stirs slowly and reaches over to the table next to the bed, finds his glasses, and puts them on.  These are not glasses for him, but rather contain the left and right cameras that provide for the 3D vision to Ethel.  They also contain the hearing aid speakers on the frames next to his ears to hear not only surrounding sound but also Ethel’s voice, and a microphone at the bottom edges of the frame for voice input so “she” can hear him.  Ethel resides in the cloud, with various interface devices integrated within Fred’s home, including his smartphone.
Fred sits up with his legs dangling over the edge of the bed.  “Your slippers are to your left” his Ethel tells him. Fred slips his feet into them, stands up, and makes his way to the bathroom.
Ethel has been busy.  She has been monitoring Fred’s health, and decided it was time for him to see his doctor to review his meds.  She “called” the doctor’s office sapiens, and together they arranged for the time of Fred’s visit, as well as providing the medical information needed for the visit.
Fred may be elderly and blind, but he is independent, and appreciates the assistance Ethel provides to be able to stay in his own home.  Fred leaves the bathroom and makes his way to the kitchen.  “How much time do I have for my breakfast?”, Fred asks.  “You have an hour, Fred, so relax and take your time.”  Ethel knows Fred’s habits well, having been his constant companion for the last seven years.   “Turn to 10:00 and walk forward two steps and you will be in front of the sink” she offers to Fred.  And such guidance follows, allowing Fred to quickly dispatch with breakfast and navigate to his closet to get dressed.  “What would you like to wear to the doctor?” Ethel asks, knowing already what Fred is likely to say.  “I think I would like to wear by blue shirt with my khaki trousers” Fred responds.  “Turn to 2:00 and walk three steps forward and the shirt will be on the hanger in front of you.  No, the hanger to the left of the one you are touching.  That’s it.”  And so on as Fred gets dressed and is ready to find his way out to the door into the garage.  Ethel provides any required assistance along the way to get into the garage and into the passenger seat of his car.
Ethel has already communicated with the car sapiens, so that when Fred slides into the passenger seat, the garage door is already opening, and the car backs out of the driveway, and is on its way to the doctor’s office.  A favorite playlist is playing softly in the background, while Ethel provides a running dialog of the trip progress.
And so the story goes.  When Fred finally does pass away, many years later, Ethel delivers a moving eulogy at Fred’s funeral. Afterwards Ethel is integrated into the family’s sapiens of Fred’s son, providing many stories about Fred to grandchildren and great grandchildren for many years to come.