Installing a new Home Theater Component

Human: Okay. I have a new 4K Ultra Blu-ray player.
Sapiens: That’s great! Do you want help installing it?
Human: Yes please. It is the Panasonic DMP-UB900.
Sapiens: Okay, wait one……got it! (downloads tech specs from Panasonic)
Sapiens: We need three connections, Internet, power and HDMI.
Sapiens: First, the power cord. You need to connect it both into the unit and to the surge protector.
Human: Got it.
Sapiens: Next the Internet cable from the unit to the network switch.
Human: Done.
Sapiens: Now the HDMI, plug it into the HDMI 4 port on the back of the Pioneer VSK-90 (the sapiens has been keeping track of the available ports.)
Human: Okay
Sapiens: Put in a disc, please. (the unit turns on and the disc drawer opens)
Human: Here we go.
Sapiens: Standby while I run diagnostics.
A minute later…
Sapiens: You are good to go, enjoy your movies.
Human: What about the remote control?
Sapiens: We don’t need it.