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Welcome to the Knowledge Center. Here you will find articles and papers that will help you understand the New Sapience difference and the difference that makes. You will never think about Artificial Intelligence as you did before.

Tyranny of the Statistical Algorithms

Data science has many useful applications in the area of pattern recognition but never forget that ML algorithms themselves only compile statistics, they are mindless, there is nothing like intelligence in there. Yet these algorithms are being...

Aspirational AI

It happens like this: someone has a theory about what intelligence is and develops some software to implement it.  Even if it does not work or doesn’t do anything that looks like intelligence, it is still considered...

The Hidden Structure

Complex ideas are aggregates of simpler ones. The inescapable conclusion is that, if you keep decomposing ideas into their components, at some point you get to the end, or rather the beginning. This is the same conjecture...

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