The anticipated proliferation of sapiens and third-party applications built on our platform create a potentially huge secondary market for human knowledge that has been put into Machine Knowledge form and offered for sale. These Knowledge Extensions (KE) to a baseline world model can be downloaded and integrated into a person’s sapiens with no more trouble than downloading an app to their cell phone.

Knowledge extensions may vary in scope exactly as printed matter intended for people varies. For example, instead of a printed instruction manual, appliance manufactures could offer a KE download to a personal sapiens making it an instance expert in the operation and maintenance of the device.

Individuals may create a KE of some personal expertise they have accumulated that would be of interest to others. Perhaps they are expert at how to go fly fishing on the Potomac River. They could create a KE about that and sell it to fellow fishing enthusiasts who could download it to their sapiens. The buyers would have the knowledge available to them on their next trip out to the Potomac via their personal sapiens and could access it as easily as if they had the original human expert by their side. Downloading the knowledge to their sapiens is a lot faster than reading a book and besides people forget what they read, sapiens never do.

Creating a KE

There are two ways to proceed to create a Knowledge Extension.

For complex applications, involving deep technical knowledge in a narrow field, for instance troubleshooting and maintaining a jet engine, the model should be created explicitly using our platform and development tools which will assist the developer to design develop and test their KE before reselling it. Applications of this scope require a platform license.

The second way, appropriate when the scope is more limited, and the knowledge relates to the common-sense world such as the fly-fishing example is to create the extension through written language. Here the creator proceeds exactly as if they were writing a book or a pamphlet, except it is written for a sapiens instead of a person (although people would be able to read it too.)  We call such written material Carefully Curated Curriculums.  Creating, and uploading a KE to our store for sale in this way is planned to be a baseline capability of a sapiens and will not require a license.