Turning Computers into Thinking Machines. At New Sapience, We Call Them "Sapiens."

Sapiens work for you

While they may be helpful to their users there is no doubt that today’s “digital personal assistants” – like Apple’s SIRI and Amazon’s Alexa – also exist to help their creators collect data and other information about you. Each sapiens exists solely for the benefit of its owner. While it remembers what it is told, it does not – cannot – disclose that information to anyone else without express permission. Sapiens work solely for their owner(s).

All sapiens have a baseline capacity for language and a degree of common knowledge that will be upgraded with frequent updates from the cloud. The sapiens architecture is highly modular and sapiens are designed to be highly customizable via plug-in modules.

Sapiens come in two fundamental configurations:

For Individuals:
The Companion Series Sapiens

The Companion Series sapiens works for a single individual and its programming is focused on being helpful in whatever way it is directed. The sapiens are like personal assistants or aides.

Companion Series sapiens will be available in the New Sapience online store as a subscription service for a small price compared to what people pay for internet service. During the activation process you will choose your sapiens name and go through a simple security process to ensure you, and only you, can access it. Your sapiens resides in the cloud and you will talk to it (voice or text) via a smart phone app or any device with a web browser. In the future we plan to develop a wearable device (think Star Trek communicator pin) that will always keep you in contact with your sapiens. Imagine what it will be like to talk with an entity that is not human but understands what you are saying!

For Organizations:
Pro-Series Sapiens

These sapiens are owned by organizations and businesses and will direct the sapiens focus. Pro-Series sapiens are more like virtual employees. They will be able to work with and augment human employees and, in some cases, fill roles independently.

The first generation of Pro-Series sapiens will be developed in conjunction with and under contract to specific customers who will provide requirements and define custom interfaces to corporate databases and/or information streams.

Pro-Series sapiens can provide game-changing levels of automation where:

  • Human experts manage the operation and control of complex systems in control centers
  • Complex systems operate autonomously under the control of conventional software
  • Potentially important data is being accumulated and stored, but only a fraction is evaluated because of the cost of human analysts
  • People interact with technology that would be enhanced or improved if the technology could understand and anticipate human wants, needs, and desires through conversation and comprehension

Customizing Your Sapiens

All sapiens, companion or professional, can be customized to an unlimited degree through plug-in modules that consist of specialized knowledge – extensions to the baseline sapiens and processing sub-routines that enable the sapiens to emulate human roles. For example, a child’s sapiens would be enhanced with both playmate and tutor roles. Like humans, sapiens will be able to switch seamlessly between roles when requested or based on various contextual cues. There is no specific limit to how many roles a sapiens can have and we anticipate that eventually hundreds of role-models will be developed and available for download in the New Sapience online store.