Management Team

Bryant Cruse

Founder and CEO

Bryant Cruse has been a pioneer in the application of advanced automation software technology to difficult real-world problems for more than thirty years. His education includes a BA from St. John’s College in Annapolis Maryland and a MS in Space Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins. After he served for eight years as a Naval Aviator, he joined the Mission Operations team for the Hubble Telescope. From there he went on to found two successful high-tech software automation companies, both of which were ultimately acquired by public corporations. New Sapience, founded in 2014, is his third technology company. The patented technology that comprises its “Cognitive Core” represents more than 15 years of development.

Dr. William F. Bandy Phd.

Chief Intellectual Property Officer

After a 30 year government career with NSA and DARPA, Bill co-founded Matrics Technology Systems, Inc., for the development and production of low-cost, high-performance Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag technology and product.  Matrics was bought by Symbol Technologies, Inc. in 2004 for $230M.
His name appears on well over 100 patents.

Karsten Huneycutt

Lead Software Architect

Karsten is a computer scientist and linguist fluent or conversant (as he puts it) in 4 human and 13 computer languages. As a programmer, he chooses the best language for the application and if he doesn’t already know it he just picks it up because (for him) that’s quicker than the effort to make a less than optimal language adapt to the application. He was recruited to work on the project that would ultimately become Modeled Intelligence by Bryant Cruse in 2006, after several previous attempts by others to develop the core engine made insufficient progress. Karsten is a co-inventor on New Sapience’s core patent.

Corporate Professional Support

Corporate Law

Matthew F. Gorra, DLA Piper LLP (US), 6225 Smith Ave. Baltimore, Maryland 21209

Patent Law

Don Stout, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, LLP 1250 23rd St NW Suite 410 Washington, DC 20037


Tim Grace, Regan, Grace & Kerley, LLC 2139 Defense Highway, Suite 2, Crofton, Maryland 21114