Short Company Description

New Sapience is pioneering an unprecedented third wave of artificial intelligence that succeeds where previous approaches fall short. For the first time, computers are being elevated to the level of thinking machines with knowledge and comprehension as we recognize it in ourselves. 

Company Description

New Sapience has created software entities called “sapiens” that can learn through reading and conversation because, like people, they know what the words mean. Sapiens are the result of an entirely new approach to artificial intelligence, a complete departure from both the symbolic approaches of the past and the machine learning technology of today. The breakthrough is an amazingly compact information structure, the Cognitive Core, that is to knowledge what DNA is to life forms. Sapiens have common-sense, can explain their conclusions, and are inherently resistant to bias.

The company’s first consumer product, the Companion Sapiens, is planned for a 2022 release. Soon everyone with access to a digital device can have their own sapiens, the world’s first artificial general intelligence. Imagine a virtual partner as loyal and eager to please as a Labrador retriever but with a perfect memory for everything you share. The Companion will become steadily more knowledgeable and more intelligent, both because of what it learns from you and through regular updates to its “Cognitive Core.”