Machine Knowledge Products

We believe Machine Knowledge enables a vast number of potentially transformative applications and capabilities. Perhaps most exciting is the world’s first software that, as we understand it, is capable of comprehension of natural human language in the same sense that humans do. MK provides an internal model of the world or domain that embodies the same concepts and relationships that people recognize as objects of their own thoughts. This model is, by design, completely independent of natural language vocabulary and grammar. The system processes language by interpreting it as instructions to create new knowledge through connecting existing model elements into new configurations. This process is cognitive leaning or comprehension.

The result is something the world has never seen before: a digital entity with the core knowledge needed to understand the meaning of natural language words and grammar.  In short, we believe our technology can do what no other software can do because it is the only software that understands what the words mean. Each instance of our software becomes a unique individual as it learns, like a person, through reading and conversation.  This totally new class of software entities requires a new common noun; “sapiens” (with the singular and plural spelled the same.) We have also found it convenient to coin a term for the user/owner of a personal sapiens, we refer to them as the sapiens’ “principals.”

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