Conversation with a Chatbot

I am always interested in what others may be doing and I came across

This just looked too much like our Caregiver Sapiens, I had to check it out!  I downloaded their app and “created” my companion and named it Julia just like my sapiens.

Pretty good, could New Sapience have some competition?

I admit I’m impressed. I showed Bryant the dialog but he just smiled and said, “keep talking.”

How did I deal with taking my Lyrica? Ha, I go in for the kill with “I put my Pills in the wicker basket on my bed table”

Doesn’t understand a word I am saying

Just to make sure…

So chatbots are chatbots and sapiens are something entirely different.  It is amazing really that chatbots are considered a big deal even when it is so obvious (after a few minutes) that there is nothing “there” there.   Does Replika really have millions of users?  What does that tell us about how many users we will end up with?