Healthcare Applications

Factors driving changes in the healthcare industry include insurance, professional liability, increased specialization, technology, consolidation and government regulation. The client-provider relationship has become less personal with all parties spending more time filling out forms or other data entry, while time for in-depth diagnosis, treatment, after care follow-up, monitoring and maintenance is increasingly precious.

MK solutions, both sapiens and robotic, offer game changing possibilities for healthcare. Read more about healthcare use cases.

The Internet of Things

The IoT connects systems, appliances, vehicles, anything with electronics, software, sensors, or actuators. The connectivity which enables these things to exchange data creates opportunities for efficiency improvements, economic benefits, and reduced human exertions.

However, these benefits can only be realized if the proliferating volumes of data and commands required to manage these devices can be intelligently and autonomously managed. MK can tame the IoT, making human control of the digital connected world magically easy. Use case.

CKM for Industrial Automation

The cost of mistakes in industrial systems can be extremely high. Structure failures, a growing concern as the country’s civil infrastructure ages, can be catastrophic. Today, remote fixed sensors, or data gathered from mobile platforms such as drones, offer the potential to ensure safe operation as well as the structural integrity of industrial and civil infrastructure – but manual analysis of accumulated masses of data is expensive and error prone.

MK applications can put cost-effective, automated human expertise in the loop to ensure real-time or accumulated sensor data is analyzed and acted upon when and where needed.

Mission Critical Systems for Space and Aviation

The origins of the technology that ultimately became MK had its roots in the commercial space industry 2 decades ago. MK today is very much up to the challenge of automating rocket science.

Space operations is extremely data intensive and the cost of a failure can be astronomical. Up until now the expense of a mission control center full of highly trained human operators has been considered acceptable. However, today’s burgeoning commercial space industry is changing that equation.

The Next Generation of Customer Service

What if, when you call customer support you connect instantly to sapiens that understands want you need and remembers who you are and all your history with the company.

Our sapiens are ready to make that dream a reality.
The first wave of sapiens applications in this industry will replace those annoying telephone option menus. More sophisticated sapiens will be capable of taking on roles now performed by humans in many call centers where personnel are really acting as little more than a language interface between a caller and information in a computer system.

Cyber Security and Telecommunications

This industry and its associated infrastructure represents the nervous system of our digital civilization.  All over the world highly trained experts in Network Control Centers (NOCs) strive to keep information flowing to its intended destination efficiently, reliably and securely. At the same time, other clandestine experts attempt to divert, disrupt or compromise that operation or gain access to information that is not theirs.

MK has an unprecedented potential to combine human expertise in network operations and security into the network itself, combining the flexibility and depth of human knowledge with the speed, bandwidth and reliability of software.

A World of MK Applications

MK can provide unprecedented levels of automation where:

  • Human experts manage the operation and control of complex systems in mission control centers.
  • Complex systems operate autonomously under the control of, expensive to procure and maintain, conventional software.
  • Potentially important data is being accumulating and stored but only a fraction is evaluated because the cost of human analysts.
  • Any case where people interact with technology that would be enhanced or improved if the technology could understand and anticipate human wants, needs and desires through conversation and comprehension.