Sapiens: A Lifetime Companion

With frequent updates over the web, a sapiens’ general knowledge and intelligence will increase. It will continue to remember everything it has been told and, as its own comprehension of the world grows deeper, its understanding of what has been shared with it becomes more sophisticated, like childhood memories when seen from the adult perspective.
We envision:
That young children will be given their sapiens in the form of a stuffed toy to be a playmate and baby-sitter but will evolve to become tutor, then mentor, then personal aide.
That over the years sapiens will evolve into a wise and loyal counselor that is objective, unbiased and eminently logical – like having Mr. Spock as a constant companion.
That the elderly will never be alone. Their sapiens will always be there and will remember what has been forgotten. 
That a sapiens will be a personal emissary to one’s descendants down through the ages.