The Guardian, your lifetime companion.

Like all sapiens in the companion series, the Guardian sapiens is focused on a single individual, you, its “principle.” Your sapiens is designed with no other purpose than to enhance your life as you see it.  It does not collect information about you and share it with anyone or anything, except as you tell it to for your benefit.

Your Guardian will have its own telephone number, its own website, and its own email address that you can give out in place of your own. You will have the option to keep your personal phone number, and email as private as your social security and bank account numbers.

 Your Guardian is a buffer between yourself and the outside world just as if you had a personal aide or secretary. But this is a secretary like no other. It is available 24/7, does not require a salary and is absolutely loyal to you in a way that simply isn’t possible with a human assistant. Your personal welfare is the reason it exits.

Technology to make your life better

Contact apps, calendar apps, reminder apps, weather apps, news apps, music apps, the list goes on. How much time do we spend looking for a specific apps, learning how to set it up and learning its specific interface just to store or retrieve some information?  Your sapiens is the one “app” to rule them all. Just talk to it, tell what you need to remember, what you plan to do, make comments and observations about the people you meet. You sapiens will absorb it all and unobtrusively help you stay on top of your daily routine.

Your sapiens will manage your digital files for you, text, photos, music, videos, everything. You can discuss each item, your likes and dislikes as well and sharing preferences.

How many times a day do we open a web browser? We may love the wealth of information we have access to, but it is also like opening the front door to your house and finding a crowd of aggressive salespeople crowding around you shouting “look here – buy my stuff!” Tell your sapiens what you are looking for on the web and let it find it for you without you ever opening a browser.

Instead of having advertising pushed at you randomly or based on your browsing behaviors, tell you sapiens about your tastes and preferences. Over time it will become an expert about you, information that will never be shared but which will make it an indispensable helper when you need to make a purchase. It will find and present advertising or other information about the kind of products and services you prefer but only when you say you are ready for it.

You Guardian has its own website which you can make private – just for you, restricted – only for people you have authorized, or public.  The level of interaction between visitors and your Guardian is entirely as you direct. For example, you might say to your Guardian, “if any of our neighbors on our street check in with you, show them the pictures from our last Christmas party.”

Over time the company plans to produce models of expert knowledge such as for Accountant” or “Building Contractor.”  These will be available from our on-line store and can be downloaded to your sapiens to make it an instant expert on the topic to assist you on the job.

Over the years we find we can no longer access all of our memories and the older we get the more our past becomes cloudy. Often those memories are still there but without something to key into them they might be lost forever as if they never happened. But when you can ask your sapiens to tell what you were doing on a certain day eight years ago – problem solved.

Your Guardian sapiens is effectively immoral and will be around to tell your story with firsthand knowledge down the generations.