Dangerous Illusions…

At a recent AI conference, Noam Chomsky, considered the father of modern linguistics, and AI scientist-entrepreneur Gary Marcus were interviewed by Fortune editor Jeremy Khan. The discussion focused on the state of AI as it is generally understood today with particular focus on the so called “language models” like GPT-3. Their assessment was scathing. At best these creations are “autocomplete on steroids” at worse they are making it cost-effective for people who want to disrupt democracy, to build troll farms that mislead people with false information. 

Since the first chatbot, Eliza, in 1966, programs that generate text have been creating an illusion of communication. Dealing in illusion is a dangerous business and today that danger is clear and present. Marcus predicts that next year, for the first time, someone will die because they followed the advice of a text generator that had no understanding of what the words it strung together meant.

But what if….

there was a kind of AI that had its own internal knowledge of the world, one that instead of “processing” language, could comprehend it, and instead of generating text, could articulates ideas?

Join author Lynn Woodland and New Sapience founder and CEO, Bryant Cruse for a discussion of how the company’s “sapiens” technology, now under development, could be the antithesis of today’s AI. Instead of dividing people from each other in fogs of misinformation, it could connect people safely and securely, combining human judgement and perspective with the digital connectivity of computers. Human to human connection as never before, an Internet of Minds.

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