Corporate Capabilities for Custom MK Solutions

The New Sapience team has many decades of experience in the design, development and maintenance of complex systems ranging from space mission control to network identity management. Our people have a proven track record of solving real problems with software that maximizes capability while minimizing the cost of development and maintenance. Markets served include federal, civil (including NASA) and DOD applications, commercial systems, and universities.
Solutions provided by New Sapience are built upon MIKOS; our revolutionary application development platform and run-time engine for Machine Knowledge; technology that enables efficient capture of human domain knowledge into the target application without being explicitly coded as rules or semantic structures.

Our specially trained “epistemological engineers” work with our customer domain experts to model the application knowledge rapidly and accurately. We draw upon our breath of our corporate experience to ensure our part of the team “speaks your language” and that the application delivers the targeted performance.

Key Personnel

Sean Reineke

Sean joined New Sapience in early 2015 as President and CEO. He has developed the company’s strategic and tactical plans for bringing the company’s unique and potentially disruptive technology to market, protecting our competitive advantage and maximizing shareholder value.

He has served as CEO, President, Director and Chairman of the Board of a variety of early-stage firms in the information technology and biotechnology fields over the last 12 years. He was the CEO & President of Innurvation, an early-stage medical device company focused on next-generation capsule endoscopy and is currently Chairman of the Board. Sean also served as Evogen’s (focused on Precision Medicine, formerly Sceptor Industries) President and CEO, as well as Chairman of the Board.

Prior to that, he held executive positions with Lockheed Martin at multiple locations, including Vice President positions running P&L business areas, strategic planning and business development, and he served two years at Lockheed Martin Headquarters as Vice President, Programs and Technology, for the $10B Systems Integration business area.

His leadership experience spans the entire range of commercial, civilian government, and DoD, serving domestic and international markets.
Sean has a Bachelor’s degree in computer and systems engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Master’s degree in computer engineering from Syracuse University. He completed numerous internal and external executive development programs including Disruptive Innovation at Harvard Business School.

  • Executive leadership: CEO, President, Board member, Chairman of the Board of Directors;
  • Program Management: Program/product development and market strategy in technology-oriented companies
  • Business Development: strategic planning, partnerships and consulting
  • Disruptive Innovation and Technologies
  • Consulting: Early stage and start-up venture capital-backed companies
  • Markets: Biotechnology, Information Technology; Biodefense; Aerospace & Defense

Relevant experience for MK Solutions:

Sean has spent the majority of his career managing projects and program portfolios, at all levels.  At Lockheed Martin:

  • Had oversight of $10B of programs and technology, and program management responsibility for their execution.
  • Was certified as a Federal Program Manager, with authority to lead the very largest programs.
  • Led the “Remote Computer Reader” (RCR) program, a nation-wide program originally performed for the USPS. The program portfolio was then expanded into commercial activities and internationally into the UK and Australia postal services.  The program has had cumulative savings of billions of dollars for the USPS. This program was likely the largest “AI” program at the time of nationwide production roll-out, encompassing ANN (artificial neural network) and sophisticated image processing and analysis techniques.

MK Solutions Role

Sean oversees and contractual issues including milestones and deliverables.

Bryant Cruse

Bryant leads the New Sapience engineering team and simultaneously fulfills the unique position of Chief Epistemologist, which means he is responsible for the design of the company’s epistemological kernel, the enabling invention behind our Compact Knowledge Model technology.

Prior to founding New Sapience, he founded two previous companies that developed software platforms for applications that automate the operation of complex systems. Talarian (co-founder) in 1989, and Altair Aerospace in 1991. Both were eventually acquired by public corporations. From the management standpoint, he has core competencies in P&L and financial management, business development, organizational development, acquisitions, patents, venture capital relations, operations, as well as staff development, motivation and leadership.

His interest in automation of mission critical systems grew out of his initial experience as a Naval Aviator where he was an aircraft/mission commander responsible for a 14-man aircrew and aircraft/airborne strategic asset and subsequently as a space system engineer at Westinghouse and Lockheed.
Bryant holds a BA, Liberal Arts from St. Johns College, in Annapolis, Maryland, and an MS, Space Technology, from Johns Hopkins University. His work on automation for the Hubble Space Telescope resulted in NASA sponsorship for a 6-month residency in AI at Lockheed’s Center for Artificial Intelligence in Palo Alto (MS equivalent).


  • Operational and automation solutions for mission critical real-time systems.
  • A life-long passion for epistemology, “how we know what we know,” the theory of knowledge and ideas.
  • Artificial Intelligence, knowledge representation; their theory and practical applications.
  • Full life-cycle software project management spanning, requirements analysis, concept of operations, design, implementation, integration and test, operations, and maintenance.
  • Markets: Space (government and commercial), Aviation, Military, Heavy Industry

Relevant experience for MK Solutions:

  • Designed and developed what was probably the first fully automatous web-based telemetry monitoring system. Application analyzed on-orbit recorded telemetry from a NOAA spacecraft and emailed alerts to Goddard Space Flight Center personnel. Application automatically generated graphical webpages to support follow-up diagnostics and reporting.
  • Led Altair’s development of an advanced automation platform and its proprietary software engine. The platform featured knowledge representation of the target system as a state model. Notable applications:
    • Conestoga Launch Control system. – considered, at the time – and probably still – to be the most advanced and highly automated space launch vehicle control system ever fielded, ran on PCs when standard alternatives required mainframes, it cost approximately 10% of the norm.
    • Final Analysis Satellite Mission Control system. This commercial satellite constellation, with the control system was also delivered at a fraction of the cost of contemporary alternatives, provided tracking information to the transportation industry.
    • An industrial automation system for a nuclear waste management plant. This system analyzed the structural integrity of barrels containing nuclear waste as they passed through sensors on a conveyer and automatically determined whether the containers needed to be repaired or replaced.
  • Developed con-ops and requirements for Talarian’s RTworks application platform, one of the first networked processing architectures. The platform supported data acquisition, automated analysis and a graphical user interface, each hosted on separate networked computers. Platform evolved to become a standard for real-time data distribution over the Internet and is, today, used primarily by financial trading systems.
  • Project Manager and Chief Architect for integrating a distributed network of high performance, real-time “expert systems” into the Hubble Space Telescope Mission Operations Control Center. (Lockheed)
  • Served on the Navy Management team responsible for certifying on-orbit operational readiness of UHF Communication Satellites. (Naval Space Command)

MK Solutions Role:

Bryant is responsible for defining the concept of operations and technical requirements, as well as ensuring accuracy and integrity of the domain model.  The New Sapience project manager will report to him directly.

Karsten Huneycutt

Karsten is the company’s Chief Software Architect. He began working with Bryant on the project that eventually produced MIKOS in 2004. He is the responsible for all aspects of system architecture including the runtime engines, which serves as the interpreter for the MICA language, the design and syntax of the MICA language itself and the syntax of the model structure. Karsten is a co-inventor on New Sapience’s core patent.
Karsten fluent or conversant (as he puts it) in 4 human and 13 computer languages. As a programmer, he chooses the best language for the application and if he doesn’t already know it he just picks it up because (for him) that’s quicker than the effort to make a less than optimal language adapt to the application.
Karsten holds a BS Computer science and an AB Russian from Duke University and has studied abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia.


  • Languages:
    • Fluent: Ruby, JRuby, Java, C, perl, sh/bash shell scripting.
    • Conversant: C++, PHP, Common LISP, PROLOG, Python.
    • Conversant: Russian, German.
  • OSes, Libraries, Tools, and Protocols
    • Solaris 2.6-9, Linux (RHEL/CentOS), Mac OS X.
    • GNU libxml2, expat, MIT Kerberos V, PCRE, OpenSSL, JNDI, JDBC, LDAP C-SDK/Net::LDAP, CORBA, Java RMI, Jakarta velocity, Jakarta commons: DBCP, Pool, Logging, Collections, Fileupload.
    • Ora! cle 9i, MySQL, Tomcat, Apache httpd.
    • Eclipse, CVS, Confluence, bugzilla, subversion, Jira, Confluence.
    • HTTP, LDAP, XMPP, Kerberos.
    • Graph and Non-SQL databases

Relevant experience for MK Solutions:

  • Designed the next generation of provisioning and de-provisioning at University North Carolina,
    Maintained the campus LDAP directories, (OpenLDAP).
  • Designed, configured, and maintained the campus web single sign-on system (Internet2’s Shibboleth Identity Provider.
  • Maintained and enhanced the identity integration service and person store, directory-master, including integration with PeopleSoft.
  • Maintained and enhanced UNC’s Heimdal Kerberos infrastructure, including adding password synchronization with AD.
  • Designed, implemented, and maintained the SAML metadata registry for the campus single sign-on system.

MK Solutions Role:

Karsten is responsible for the design of system data interfaces and QAs all MICA code developed for projects.