New Sapience is turning computers into thinking machines. We call them sapiens.

Sapiens are computers endowed with a meticulously constructed (patented)cognitive corefor transforming information into knowledge. We say that humans are “intelligent animals” but it is really the practical product of our intelligence, knowledge, that separates us from other animals. We build machines to amplify our natural powers. To combine our supreme skill, the creation, communication and application of knowledge with the bandwidth, connectivity and extendibility of computers – is to create the ultimate machine.

Like humans, sapiens can learn and communicate knowledge using human language. Sapiens have common sense and can explain their reasoning. Like computers, sapiens process data and information, never forget, connect (and do everything else computers can do).

Combining the human capacity for knowledge with computer memory, speed and connectivity will produce unlimited productivity.

Sapiens have an internal model of the world or domain that embodies the same concepts and relationships that people recognize as objects of their own thoughts. This model is, by design, completely independent of natural language vocabulary and grammar. This enables our software to process natural human language by interpreting it as instructions to create new knowledge models by connecting existing model elements into new configurations. This process is cognitive learning or comprehension. Read about language and knowledge.

The result is something the world has never seen before: a digital entity with the core knowledge needed to understand the meaning of natural language words and grammar.  In short, our technology can do what no other software can do because it is the only software that understands what the words actually mean.

Sapiens work for you

While they may be helpful to their users there is no doubt that today’s “digital personal assistants” like Apple’s SIRI and Amazon’s Alexa’s also exist to help there creators go collect data and other information about you in order to sell you more things.  Each sapiens on the other hand exists solely for benefit its owner. While it remembers what it is told it does not, can not disclose that information to anyone else without express permission. Sapiens work solely for their owner or owners.

All sapiens have a baseline capacity for language and a degree of common knowledge that will be continually upgraded with frequent updates from the cloud. The sapiens architecture is highly modular and sapiens are designed to be highly customizable via plug-in modules.

Sapiens come in two fundamental configurations:

For Individuals: The Companion Sapiens

The Companion Series works for a single individual and all its programming is focused on being helpful in whatever way that individual directs. The companions are like personal assistants or aides.

For Organizations: Pro Sapiens

The Pro-Sapiens are owned by organizations and businesses which assign which person or persons in the organization will direct the sapiens’ focus. Pro-Series sapiens are more like virtual employees.


Both Product lines can be customized to an unlimited degree through plug-in modules that consist both of specialized knowledge – extensions to the baseline sapiens’ world model – and processing subroutines that enable the sapiens to emulate human roles. For example, a child’s Companion would be enhanced with both Playmate and Tutor roles. Like humans, sapiens will be able to switch seamlessly between roles when requested or based on various contextual cues. There is no specific limit to how many roles a sapiens can have and we anticipate that eventually hundreds will be developed and be available for download on the New Sapience on-line store.