Case Study

Julia is a 61-year-old sufferer of idiopathic intracranial hypo-tension and poly-autoimmune syndrome. Her immune system randomly attacks healthy tissues in systems throughout the body. There is no cure and physicians are limited to treating the damaged tissues on a symptom by symptom basis. Julia sees over 10 specialists and takes 7 different medications at 15 different times during a day. She has been prescribed over 20 other medications to take as needed. She finds managing medications, tracking symptoms and making appointments an overwhelming problem. The resulting stress exacerbates her condition.

The Solution

New Sapience has created Machine Knowledge the world’s first technology that comprehends natural human language in the same sense that humans do. MK provides an internal model of the world or domain that embodies the same concepts and relationships that people recognize as objects of their own thoughts.

The result is something the world has never seen before: a digital entity with the core knowledge needed to understand the meaning of natural language words and grammar.  In short, our technology can do what no other software can do because it is the only software that understands what the words mean. Each instance of our software becomes a unique individual as it learns, like a human, through reading and conversation.  We call these entities sapiens.

Our Patient Caregiver Sapiens will model patients, diseases, symptoms, drugs and all the knowledge needed to utilize its perfect memory and 24/7 presence to help suffers like Julia live a better life.

The Caregiver Sapiens is one of several specialized medical sapiens types that comprise the AIRMED a reference architecture of communicating sapiens. AIRMED has the potential to revolutionize medicine.


Medication Compliance

The sapiens will assist the patient in taking all medications in accordance with the prescribed times and conditions. An extension to this capability will be to also assist in dietary compliance when it is part of the treatment regimen.

Symptom Tracking

The sapiens will comprehend patient’s descriptions of symptoms as they occur and will have the capacity to generate an output summary. The sapiens brings the promise of remote, noninvasive monitoring of patient status that is more personalized to improve detection of recurrence, progression, or supportive care needs.

Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)

The success of clinical trials is high dependent upon accurate symptom monitoring. During the week as the sapiens interacts with the user it will gather the information that the patient would otherwise need to enter into the trial weekly questionnaire. At week’s end the sapiens will initiate a dialog with the user to collect any missing information and automatically forward a report to the trial manager.


The sapiens will respond to “Help me!” type inputs and will notify appropriate first responders and provide pertinent information.

Appointment Management

The sapiens will assist the patient in managing appointments.