Synthetic Intelligence

Partnerships and Licensing

Our plan is to offer attractive licensing terms for sapiens technology to organizations and individual developers.

We aim to put a “sapiens inside” of every computer where human intelligence, judgment, and knowledge will enhance the application. All our products are built on a common core and hosted on customer-owned computing devices.

Application Co-Development

The company anticipates partnering with commercial companies or other organizations to integrate sapiens technology into new or existing applications. These range from automating large-scale systems such as networks or mission operation centers to sapiens carrying our partner’s brand offered to their customers.

Modular Architecture

Custom sapiens applications start with the Cognitive Core and the Common-Sense World Model, one or more off-the-shelf Role-Model plug-ins, plus one or more custom-developed modules that contains the knowledge the solution needs to perform its intended function. Applications may also require one or more custom interfaces, such as dynamic databases or telemetry streams.

Synthetic Knowledge Toolkit

The SK Toolkit is the development platform for sapiens and sapiens plug-in modules and includes everything needed to develop modules for the Companion Sapiens or Pro-Sapiens, specialized sapiens, or sapiens-enhanced applications.

The Toolkit will be offered to corporate and individual developers under SaaS subscriptions.

The Knowledge Store

The New Sapience Knowledge store will be an online marketplace for sapiens and synthetic knowledge. The store will feature the company’s own sapiens product lines and sapiens plug-in role-models for consumers and commercial customers as well as those developed under license by third parties.

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While many SK models will be developed using our SK Toolkit, we plan to incorporate a capability into all sapiens that knowledge imparted directly through natural language can also be modularized and uplinked to the store.  Our goal is to make this as simple as telling your sapiens “Uplink to the Knowledge Store everything I have shared with you about ‘tips for catching trout on the Potomac’.”

Enterprise Platform Licensing

New Sapience plans to negotiate flexible OEM licensing agreements for sapiens technology with enterprise customers. The engine, code, and core model elements along with training and integration services will be offered as a package. The customer will add proprietary knowledge and interfaces for their products or applications to enhance internal productivity.

Sapiens Development Training

It seems likely that the day will come when the techniques of applied epistemology now being developed at New Sapience will be commonplace in schools. Until then the company plans to offer both online programmed and personalized training to developers.

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While knowledge can be imparted to sapiens via language and conversation, same as with people, the process is slow and misunderstanding is commonplace, same as with people.

Synthetic Knowledge development using the SK Toolkit is far more efficient and precise and while it can be thought of as a new way of programming computers, with knowledge rather than data, it is not programming in the conventional sense.

Products for Individuals

How Much Time Do You Spend…

  • Looking for things because you can’t remember where you left them?
  • Reading emails from people you don’t know, trying to sell you things?
  • Answering your phone only to receive a recording or have someone call at an inopportune time?

Your sapiens is coming to your rescue..

Products for Organizations

These sapiens are owned by organizations and businesses. Pro-Series sapiens are more like virtual employees. They will be able to work with and augment human employees and, in some cases, fill roles independently. Businesses will realize all productivity gains generative AI is promising but not delivering.

Partnerships & Licensing

 Our technology is essentially and new way to program computers, with knowledge in addition to data and information. Our goal is to see sapiens technology in every computer that is used to perform tasks or augment people in performing tasks where knowledge and expertise are the key to productivity.