Bryant Cruse

Bryant graduated from St. John’s College in Annapolis, well-known for its unique Liberal Arts program, providing him with the fertile ground for a life-long interest in how humans know what they know (epistemology). After graduation, he served on active duty as a Naval Aviator, and then went on to earn a graduate degree in Space Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins. 

Continuing his career, Bryant has been a pioneer in applying advanced automation software technology to solve difficult real-world problems. At NASA he developed the first application of AI technology for spacecraft operations for the yet-to-be-launched Hubble Telescope and was funded by NASA for a residency in AI (MS equivalent) at the Lockheed AI center. He then went on to found two successful high-tech software automation companies, which were acquired by public corporations. New Sapience, founded in 2014, is his third technology company. 

Education: BA, St. Johns College. MS Johns Hopkins University. MS (equivalent), Lockheed Artificial Intelligence Center.